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Here, I offer my art cards and prints.  Also, small collections of my current work, which changes through the seasons.  If  you would like to see what I am working on at the moment I would love you to follow me on Instagram or Facebook, the links are at the bottom of the page.

If you would like any information about my work, or would just like to chat, there is a contact page on this website which will send an email straight to my inbox.

My art cards and prints are reproduced from drawings and paintings I have made over the years.  They are printed to a fine art standard, even the cards, so will not fade.  Most of the prints fit a standard, readily available, A4 frame, and the cards too are a nice size to frame, many customers do just that. 

I have three Adana 8 x 5 hand presses.  They are old, but they print beautifully. Many years ago I converted my first press to hot foil, and although I aquired the other two presses along the way, it's only quite recently that I have seriously started printing again with ink and combining this with hotfoil.
I have a very small collection of vintage type and my collection of letterpress cards is designed around this. Confined by the limitations of process and available type has been both challenging and interesting, something I will be exploring further. 

This is a hand printing process.  A design is drawn onto and then carved into artists' lino. To print, the ink is applied by hand with a roller. Lino and paper are then pressed together, I use an etching press.
These are referred to as 'original prints' and each print will have subtle differences.  I often hand colour the prints, making them truly unique.

Every nature print I make is a monoprint, a one-off that cannot be exactly reproduced, an original piece of art.  It is an alchemy of paper, nature and ink, sometimes printing a textural single grass and other times I print layer upon layer to produce subtle colours. Most of the grasses, ferns and other plant materials that I use are from my own wild garden forcing me to work with the seasons.

My main focus for many years has been cards, but not every day, throw away cards. More the "I could just pop that in a frame" sort of cards and the "I know they will want to keep it" cards. Well anyway, that is what I strive for, small artworks to treasure, to give or to keep.


My handmade silver jewellery is available from Hares and Hedgerows Gallery, Pickering, as are my cards

Hares and Hedgerows Gallery, Pickering  ~
Birdgate Chocolatiers, Pickering
Beckisle Museum, Pickering

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I retain the copyright of all art works.
No image to be reproduced without my consent. I am happy for you to frame my cards but not for commercial use.